Splashhh (Song for A​.​M​.​)






dont give up, at least not yet
you're not done making your mistakes
don't brush it off your shoulder if it feels like a boulder
we can find us a bridge, you can throw it in the water
not to get rid of it, but to listen to it
splashhh, how it sputters like math
how it says we're on the right track

we are one plus one and that's enough
we are right now not alone and that's enough
even when i'm done you'll have this song and that's enough

oh you're not perfect, you don't know, just where to go
no you're not perfect you don't know just where to go
luckily you were born perfect enough not to know

i think in a past life we were both sand crabs
not because of astrological reasoning
but because of our hands, we like to snatch and grab
and sand is the paper that we write our lives on
and watch it as it goes into the sea sea see me
i'm a person too and i've been chained just like you
oh see how i adore thee even though i rarely see your face
i've been to that place....

and who am i to help? just one sand crab in one shell
oh but i really hate the thought of it: you dying and not flying

i wanna see you eatin a hot dog
on a dirty street (it'll be sweet)
just you and me and the dead meat
there'll be blood runnin inside of us
we'll be wolves and know lanterns light
cus of hands and matches
and the help it takes to burn all night
we'll be wolves and know lanterns light...

oh you're not perfect
you don't know
just where to go
you were born perfect enough not to know...


released August 1, 2009
(c) 2014 Shira E



all rights reserved


SHIRA New York, New York

Electro-soul from Brooklyn NY.
Shared stages with TuNe-YaRds, Coco Rosie, and Mirah.
Music has appeared on NPR, multiple independent films, and national TV.

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